Andrew Smith

Andrew is the current board chairman for Live for More. Andrew grew up in England and moved to NZ with his wife and children in the early 1980s. He has recently retired from a career that involved hospital surgery, church pastoral work, counselling and tertiary education. His wife of 41 years, Ruth, died in 2018. He has three adult children and two grandsons. Andrew has a doctorate degree; his research focussed on spirituality and the transition from boyhood to manhood. While not a surfie, Andrew loves the outdoors, and is passionate about seeing people become secure in who they are and discover what they can excel at.

Krista Dixon

Krista is the founder and youth clinician of Live for More Charitable Trust. She was born and raised in America, but has lived in New Zealand since 2009 and considers Aotearoa New Zealand her home. Krista lives in Arataki, Mount Maunganui with her husband Jared. Krista is passionate about working with people caught up with drugs, alcohol and crime and seeing them move forward to succeed in life. Krista has a degree in Psychology from UCSB and a post-graduate certificate in Drug and Alcohol Studies from the Auckland University. She has been a registered DAPAANZ Drug and Alcohol Clinician since 2010. Krista also does volunteer work in the prisons and loves spending time with those behind the wire, supporting them to make positive life changes. Krista is a passionate surfer who’s long had a dream to use surf therapy as a means to reach troubled youth. Krista’s dream of surf therapy began in 2012 and she later founded Live for More in 2015 to pursue surf therapy full-time.

Tamati Cameron

Tamati is of Te Rarawa descent in the far north but grew up mostly in the Waikato. He has spent the past eight years employed as Senior Pastor of C3 Church Tauranga. His major passion is to see transformed lives fulfilling their potential and making a positive lasting change on community. Prior to this role he spent six years working full time with youth and children in Hamilton. He has a strong sporting background and studied Psychology and History at The University of Waikato. He continues to have a passion for sports and is a keen surfer.

Matt Comer

Matt works as a financial consultant and has over 20 years of experience assisting businesses with major projects and investment decisions. Matt has a BCom(Hons) degree in Finance and Accounting from the University of Auckland. He is also a qualified surf instructor and enjoys volunteering with Live for More and sharing the stoke of surfing. Matt’s governance experience includes previously serving on the boards of Christian Surfers New Zealand, Hope Street and YMCA Auckland.

Paul Wrigley

Paul is a Bay of Plenty Police Officer with over 25 years of experience. He is highly motivated to find solutions that affect the community other than traditional arrest and prosecution models. He believes Live For More offers young men a fantastic chance for a meaningful life before becoming institutionalised within the justice system. Paul is an avid surfer, both as a sport and a way to relax and recharge.

Amie Mafi

Amie has long held a passionate interest in issues of justice and social deprivation, both locally and abroad, being actively involved with NZ Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, and Serving in Mission (SIM). She holds a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Politics and Sociology (UoA).  Amie has a special interest in the criminal justice system, rehabilitation, and aspects of restorative justice.  She is currently completing a Law degree at the University of Auckland.   Amie met Krista Dixon at the conception phase of Live for More and, convinced of its role especially in addressing an important gap in current social services to young men, has been an ardent supporter of the Trust ever since. Amie is married, has three kids, and wishes she could surf!