"The best thing about this programme was getting the help I needed. Before I started, I was just a lost boy with negative thoughts. Now I just want to do good, be the best partner and father I can be... not just for my family but also myself."  - 19 year old male

"I just want to thank you.  If it wasn't for you I don't know where I would be today.  You helped me in so many ways. Thanks to you and the crew... words can't explain how much yous have helped me."  - 19 year old male
“I haven't had confidence until I came on this programme."  - 16 year old male

"The biggest thing I'll take away from this programme is a stronger mindset. I just want to get myself on track and help others.”  - 19 year old male

“This programme has taught me that forgiveness is okay.” - 20 year old male

"This programme has helped me learn more about myself. It's helped me realise that I have potential to become anything I want to be. I just need to persevere."  - 19 year old male

“Since being on Tai Wātea I have given up drinking alcohol and have been out of trouble.” - 20 year old male

"I’ve learnt that no matter what you’ve been through, you can still be a good person.”  - 19 year old male

“This programme has taught me confidence, motivation, commitment.” - 18 year old male

“I enjoyed learning my pepeha because I learned my identity and where I was from.” - 20 year old male

“I am happier since being on Tai Wātea because of meeting new people and knowing I’m not a mistake.”  - 20 year old male

​"The best thing about this programme was the surfing because I would leave all the bad things in life behind me." - 31 year old mentor

“Thank you for taking time out of your day to take us surfing and teaching us that there is definitely more to life…”  - 20 year old male
“The biggest change I’ve seen in myself since doing this programme is confidence boost and commitment has improved tenfold.”  - 18 year old male

 “This programme has taught me to trust others, surf, and never forget who I am and that it’s never too late to change.”  - 19 year old male