Live for More uses surfing as an effective therapeutic tool to: 

1. Engage troubled young people
2. Provide unique clinical support to them
3. Empower them to make healthy, lasting changes 

    Surfing is a fun and healthy means which engages these challenging young people and allows us to build a genuine relationship with each one.  Surfing also gets them active, teaches them a new skill, builds their confidence and gets them buzzing on a natural 'surfer's high'.  The concept of surfing and riding the "waves of life" is also a tangible and relatable analogy for life, which is the theme woven throughout the clinical work we do.  

    Live for More provides one-on-one counselling as well as our surf programme Tai Wātea (Waves of Freedom).  We follow a harm-reduction approach and are client-centred, allowing young people to lead the way and decide what they want to change in their lives. Our ultimate goal is to empower each young person we work with to find freedom from their past and step into their true potential.  

    At Live for More, we often work with young people outside the four walls of an office.  We know that we must first break down the barriers and through the resistance if we want to build a relationship and have any real impact in these young people's lives.