MORE to life
Live for More
rangatahi / young people to find   
from drugs, alcohol
and crime.   
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Our Vision

Confident and hopeful rangatahi / young people free from their pasts and empowered to live fulfilling lives 
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Our Mission

We believe there is so much more to life than drugs, alcohol and crime.  
Live for More has a vision to see young people of Aotearoa New Zealand empowered to live happy and healthy lives, free from their troubled pasts and filled with hope for their futures.

Live for More endeavours to sow hope into young people who are caught up in the justice system and lifestyles of drug and alcohol abuse.  
We believe that every single young person can have a meaningful and successful future, regardless of their past decisions and where they have come from. 
We know that with the right support and encouragement, young people are able to make better decisions and turn their lives around for a healthier future.
Live for More does not believe in a ‘too hard basket’. We believe that every single young person has value, should be treated with respect and deserves a chance.
We look beyond the hardened exteriors that many young people have, and we see the latent potential that lies within. We endeavour to extract this potential and empower these young people to live for more.   
(022 LIV 4 MOR)
Live for More Charitable Trust is based in Tauranga Moana in the beautiful Bay of Plenty. 
Our focus is working primarily with rangatahi / young people between the ages of 17-25.

Our Values 

Aroha encompasses the ideas of love, sympathy, charity, compassion and empathy all at once.  We know that having genuine aroha for young people is the necessary first step in building a healthy relationship with them.
Hope is the next vital ingredient for the work we do with young people.  Hope allows young people to see that change is actually possible. We know that hope is the seed which grows into great things, and we strive to plant hope in these young people where there has been hopelessness.
Potential is what we strive to extract from every young person we meet.  They all have true potential, but often they do not know this or know how to use it.  We help them first see their potential, and then empower them to use their potential and grow it to full.
Empowering these young people to live healthy and successful lives is our ultimate goal.  Initially we walk alongside and support young people wherever they are on their journey, but ultimately we want to see them standing on
their own and living a life of freedom.
Perseverance is what we hope to instil into every young person we work with.  We know that truly changing is hard work, and we strive to equip young people with a mindset which will enable them to keep persevering and pushing forward in life.